Your Dog’s Back To School Blues

The “Dog Days of Summer” literally refers to the hottest, most brutal days of the summer. The term actually comes from the ancient belief that Sirius, also called the Dog Star, in proximity to the sun was responsible for the hot weather.  Here at Grateful Pet, we think it could also stand for the glorious summer months … Continue reading

Holistic Select Debuts New Grain-Free Recipes

We’re excited to share that Holistic Select, already know for their exceptional quality foods, has introduced a new grain free option for dogs and cats that is a great option for the sensitive pets in your life. If your pet has issues with dry skin, stomach intolerances, itchy skin, etc., this is a fantastic option!  … Continue reading

The Loyalty of Dogs Contest

Around this time last year, I was on my way home from the Czech Republic after a rather long and unnecessarily painful visit to a plant site for my “big kid job.”  I was on the brink of exhaustion and missing my home. So, while flipping through the in-flight movie options, I opted for Hachiko: … Continue reading

The scoop on the squirts

Want to hear the about the most disgusting moment of my life? No? Too bad…. Our youngest dog Jax used to have a habit of eating his own poop (don’t worry- he’s grown out of it….mostly) . But, one time after chowing down on a few deuces in the back yard, Jax came inside, drank … Continue reading

Somebody That I Used To Know

In today’s blog, co-owner Melissa dishes about divorce, debt, life and love…and the common thread in it all: her boxer, Meg. Few divorces are a surprise. Between the years of “working on it” and the couples counseling, the reality of a marriage ending really isn’t all that surprising when it finally crumbles to pieces. Even … Continue reading

Another gratifying moment for Grateful Pet

Long before I dreamed of opening Grateful Pet, I decided to expand my education and pursue my master in business. I though it was the perfect complement to my chemistry degree to excel in the pharmaceutical industry.  After testing the waters at a few different places, I happily landed at Jones International University to begin … Continue reading