Why good pet food matters…

If you’re like us at Grateful Pet, your pets are considered close members of your family. And, in kind, you want to provide your pet every chance for a long, healthy and happy life.

Unfortunately, despite advertising claims, most commercial pet foods are not good choices for your dog or cat. The convenient grocery store brands are like the McDonald’s of human food: devoid of nutritional value and detremintal to overall health with regular consumption.

Many of the so-called “healthy pet foods” contain inferior meat meals, cheap grains, fillers, by-products, food coloring, pesticides, preservatives, and other contaminants.

Since good nutrition is a fundamental requirement to keep your pet in top physical shape, Grateful Pet recommends taking a close look at the label. By law, pet food labels must list their ingredients in order by weight. Look for dog foods with meat, fish, or eggs listed as the first ingredient, which implies the food offers high-quality protein sources and amino acids. As you examine the label further, look closely for the following core ingredients:

You should also look closely for red flags indicative of by-products or fillers that are potentially harmful to your pet, including the following:

While high quality foods may cost more, it is also important to remember that you can generally feed your pet less since healthy foods are more nutrient-dense than other types of food. We have also found that changing to a highly quality food leads to a significant decrease in the amount of poop (less by-product in = less by-product out).

As concerned consumers ourselves, Grateful Pet is committed to carrying a number of products that meet high standards of quality. We are happy to help you determine which products are best for your pet or to evaluate your current brand of choice. Simply contact us and we’ll help identify some choices tailored to your pet’s needs!


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