Stuff We Love: Earth Drops Herbal Pet Soap

Every Wednesday, the City Market hosts the Original Farmer’s Market  complete with fruits, veggies, baked goods and more. One of our favorite vendors is Earth Drops Soaps and their Pet-ables® product line. The soap is gentle, lathers nicely and best of all smells fantastic! It also leaves our dog’s fur feeling soft and moisture rich without the use of harsh chemicals.

Pet-ables® handcrafted soaps are made from 100% Natural Herbal Vegetable based products, including vegetable oils, herbs and pure essential oils.  Our personal favorite is the Cool Basil soap, made of avocado oil, basil and essential oil of peppermint. We also use Herb Garden soap in the summer time because of the natural insect repellent properties of the eucalyptus essential oil and basil herbs. And, at $3.19 a bar, it is a fantastic value. 


2 thoughts on “Stuff We Love: Earth Drops Herbal Pet Soap

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