Stuff We Love: Angel Animal Hospital

Grateful Pet is headed out on vacation this week 🙂 And, as much as we’d love to bring the 3 shadows that follow us along, we had to find places for them to stay. Our boys, Jax and Wilson, are laid back, casual and pretty much content wherever we take them. So, this afternoon, we dropped them off at a family friend’s 10-acre farm (a literal farm, not the “doggy farm”). Within 10 minutes, they were off and running, leaving us worried they won’t ever want to come back home.

Our boxer, Meg, however is a different story with a unique set of worries. While she has a heart of gold and is truly a blessing in our lives, she does have special needs. Yes, she loves to run and play….but being with 8 other dogs on a 10-acre farm is not the place for her. Meg thrives when she can predict and trust her surroundings and is in a calm, well-controlled environment.

If only for this alone, we are so very grateful that we can take Meg to Angel Animal Hospital in Greenwood, IN.  We love these guys!!

Angel Animal is operated by Dr. Anna Piper, whom has practiced on the Indy south side since 1994. Dr. Piper has cared for Meg since she was about 1 year old and with each move Dr. Piper has made, Meg and I have followed in line.  She recently opened up Angel Animal, which is a beautiful facility conveniently located off of State Road 37.  In addition to amazing medical care, the facility has some pretty awesome dog boarding facilities, a multi-level cat condo, exercise areas and personal attention for Meg each day. And, if Dr. Piper herself weren’t awesome enough, her staff is top-notch. They’re caring and knowledgable (and most importantly handle Meg’s craziness with calm and grace under fire).

Angel Animal’s approach is “rooted in the belief that they are a blessing in our lives, providing us with more love and devotion than we can ever hope to repay in their lifetime.”  We happen to agree!

As if I wasn’t sold 5 years ago when I started taking Meg to see Dr. Piper, I was officially in love with Angel Animal when Meg rolled over for a belly rub from the vet tech during her exam. Its proof to me that Angel Animal lives by their motto.

So, with no worries other than how bad this ginger kid will burn in the sun, its off we go to the beach. See you next week!


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