Meggers is 7!

Seven years ago, I feel in love with a little wet nosed ball of energy. I picked her because she was the more energetic of the two girl puppies (a decision I will decidedly only make once). I held her in my nap while she nervously shook the whole way home. We were instantly in love.

Today, she is still a wet nosed ball of energy, but with a bit more grey on the snout. And I’m still in love with her!

Here’s a snapshot of Meg’s first seven years.

  • Meg loves playing rope more than life itself. If you come to “her house” you’re expected to play a few rounds of tug o’ war.
  • Meg used to wander around the house and collect all of her toys before going to bed. She would put them at the edge of the bed and get up occasionally to make sure they were still there. We have since developed a strict “no toys in the bed” rule. It took her 4 years to learn that one.
  • Meg was my first pet. We made lots of mistakes and learned a lot together. Moreover, we’ve had a lot of fun together.
  • Meg was a only child until she was almost 5. You can tell.
  • She bit Zach on the hand once during a scuffle with her brother….badly. She felt bad and laid upstairs for 8 hours. Zach thought it was his fault; Meg thought it was hers. They were best buds again the second Zach got back home from the ER.
  • She’s intensely loyal to those that love her. This usually involves lots of slobber.
  • She takes the cake for stinkiest farts in the house. It is thankfully not even a close competition.
  • She recently had some hip problems due to a tumor along her spine. I cried myself to sleep for two days at the thought of losing her.

So here’s to you my lil’ Meggers, my ever-loving and ever-loyal little monster boxer. I can only hope for seven more years of this crazy little life with you at my side.



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