DIY: Vintage suitcase bed for your pet

Part of me wanted to wait to share this post until I had the chance to take my 50% off coupon to Value Village and snag a few suitcases (yes, I’m a purist…I will never call it Value World).  But, I opted to take the less selfish route and share with my friends. So, behold– one of the coolest pet beds I’ve ever seen.

While we happen to think that our line of eco-friendly line of beds from West Paw Designs is pretty darn cool, this coupon-ista understands that pricey dog beds just don’t fit into everyone’s budget.  Alas, these pet beds are a budget-friendly alternative that is also mindful to the environment in all of their up-cycled beauty. We found several online sites with step-by-step instructions, but here is a link to our favorites:  Cut Out + Keep: Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

If any of our followers take a stab at this project, we’d love to hear about it (with pictures of course). Enjoy!

Brian Patrick Flynn


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