Jax Turns One

Our youngest pup, Jax, turned 1 today, marking what we hope is the beginning of the end of the puppy days. Here he is enjoying a birthday nap with Zach.

Here’s a snapshot of Jax’s first year

  • His favorite spot to lay is on Zach’s shoulders. He’s done it since he was a pup and still thinks its okay, in spite of the fact that he now weighs 80lbs.
  • He’s the best playmate Meggers could ever wish for and the best cuddle buddy Wilson could ever wish for.
  • Jax hogs the bed and kicks in his sleep more than me. I didn’t know that was possible, but he’s managed to one-up me in that arena. He’s also a pillow thief.
  • His name was originally Thomas. We like the name Jax much better. Our old roommate Josie (whom he replaced) insists on calling him Nancy for reasons I don’t care to disclose.
  • He got a new Kong for his first birthday. He and Meg have stopped playing with it only to sleep
  • Jax taught Meg & Wilson how to play hide & go seek in the back yard. He likes to hide in the monkey grass or behind the bench and jumps out when the other dogs get close. It is by far the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • He has an awkward habit of nibbling on various parts of our faces. It has been interesting trying to train him out of that habit.
  • He spends 75% of his day belly up. We haven’t settled on whether or not this is normal.
  • He loves when Zach hides under the blankets and he gets to dig him out. Zach’s mom learned of this game the hard way when dog sitting one weekend. She pulled the blanket over her head hoping to get a few extra time to snooze and ended up feeling like she was in a prize fight.
  • Jax put the final stake into the death of our koi pond by single handedly eating all of the fish.

So Happy First Birthday to you, my little grey ghost!


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