This one time, I fed my dog Iams….

Okay, I’ll admit it….I fed my oldest dog Meg Iams food for the first 4 years of her life. **cringe**

There…I said it….my dirty laundry is hanging on the line.

Yes, I curse myself for feeding her that food. But, to be honest….I just didn’t know any better. I was among the many dog owners that simply walked down the pet food aisle at the grocery, checked out a few packages, read the advertisements, and then thought “yep, this will do.”

But then Meg started having some problems…and by problems, I mean room-clearing, breath-taking gas. It was embarrassing for both of us.

So I started looking into pet food a bit more. T

he more I read, the more I guilty I started to feel…..I was feeding Meg nothing other than absolute junk! I mean, the dogs on their ads looked so happy and healthy, right? Isn’t “Life Better on Iams?” Don’t they have all of the essential vitamins, minerals AND probiotics?

Boy was I wrong. She might as well have been eating out of the toilet….


Thus began the journey that led is to where we are today and inspired Grateful Pet. Meg has tried several brands of food- some with success; others, not so much. Same goes for our boys Wilson and Jax….

But gone are the days of corn, soy and by-products.

At Grateful Pet, we spend a lot of time learning about the foods we supply to our customers. It would be easy to pack our website full of foods and sell whatever our customers wanted. But that’s not what we’re about.

Are we pet nutrition experts? Nope- not claiming that one. But, we are passionate about the topic and consider ourselves very well informed.

We’re also here to share our knowledge about the foods with you. It is not coveted and its not rocket science…and we like to keep it that way. You ask, we’ll tell. Simple as that. Sometimes we’ll even tell you stuff when you don’t ask (case in point).

Most of all, we’re here to make pet food easy for you. The selection can be daunting, but don’t let that scare you away. And we promise– avoiding “kibble crack” will make a huge difference in the overall health and vitality of your dog.


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