A bit more about the Grateful Pet “bootstrappers…”

As many of you know, Grateful Pet is run on a part “bootstrapper,” part full time in its ownership model.

While my brother Jim would argue that its not an excuse to wear corduroy and spurs (because one should ALWAYS wear corduroy and spurs in his opinion), I happen to think its a natural way for both of us to transition towards our entrepreneurial dreams.

You see, Zach happens to have a giant heart and lots of love for animals. He is by far the best “dog daddy” in the world and proves on a daily basis why he should be considered Dog Dad of the Year. When he’s not being awesome, Zach is hard at work for the business by making deliveries, spending hours adding products to the website (which, as you can imagine, is down right awful), and a litany of other things that keep the business running like a well oiled machine.

As the other partner in the business, I fill the role of the bootstrapper. I spend my days working as an Quality Assurance Associate Consultant in External Manufacturing for a large pharmaceutical company in Indianapolis (I’ll give you two guesses to figure out which one 😉  Also, please don’t ask me “Well what do you do there?” Most day’s I’m not exactly sure and the rest of the time, I’m likely to answer you with a response similar to The Produce Mom‘s (“I piss off my husband. And what is it that you do?”).

But, one benefit of my day job is that I have to stay keyed in to the manufacturing standards and compliance requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries. I’ve also been inside my fair share of manufacturing plants and warehouse (more on that later). This comes in handy when we start researching products and deciding whether or not to carry certain foods.

Together we (Zach and Melissa) make up Grateful Pet, where our goal is to bring high quality foods without the hassle. In the background lies lots of product knowledge, confidence in our brands, and a pretty handsome delivery guy that loves to meet his customers (and maybe even lets them lick his cheek a few times).

So, whether you’re one of our loyal customers, curious about what we carry, or were sent here by our moms– welcome. We’re glad you’re here.


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