Stuff We Love: “Can You Read This?” Dog Tag

We understand that not everyone gets nose to nose with their pets. We do…we’re okay with it…which is precisely why we LOVE this tag.

Reason #2 (and quite possibly a greater reasont) that we love this tag is the downright generosity of the people behind it. We recently contacted several individuals in search of donations for the upcoming Cocktails for Canines event. Billetsdoux was quick to respond with a “Yes!”

Did I mention they’re in Canada and have no direct affiliation with Indianapolis, Grateful Pet nor Cocktails for Canines? They are just simply generous (and talented)!

We were equally impressed with the quality and the craftsmanship. In fact, we’ll be placing an order for three of them for our own pups very soon. Care to come over and get close enough to read them? Jax & Wilson would be happy to lick you; Meg would probably just sneeze on you.


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