Whole Dog Journal’s Approved Foods List for 2012

The Whole Dog Journal’s reviews identify the hallmarks of a top dry dog foods on a yearly basis. In “Whole Dog Journal’s 2012 Dry Dog Food Review,” 48 companies made the selection criteria for a top dry dog food. Grateful Pet is happy to announce that 21 of our vendors made the list, including:

So, what about the other 27 vendors on the list? We’re looking into them. In fact, we already have plans in the works for several of them. Stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “Whole Dog Journal’s Approved Foods List for 2012

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  2. I am wondering if the Natural Balance limited Ingredients of Duck & Legumes is considered a good food. I have heard that potatoes are bad if you have a yeast problem so I was very excited to see NB legume food

    • Natural Balance as a whole is a good company with a solid history. This particular food uses garbanzo beans and green peas as the carbohydrate source, which is not only well tolerated but has a low glycemic index.
      Potatoes are not necessarily bad for dogs but some dogs with sensitivities can react to them. It is quite rare, however, that a dog would react to legumes. We’ve had very positive results with a similar food, Pulsar (made by Horizon Pet Foods) so I can presume similar results would be seen with Natural Balance.
      If you live in the Indianapolis area and are interested in free delivery of this pet food, we’d love to have you as a customer. Thanks!

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