Our Rebuttal–Why We Carry Diamond Pet Foods

On occasion, we are asked why we may/may not carry certain foods. Often, we find ourselves defending our decision to not carry a specific line. Recently, however, we found ourselves explaining why we chose to carry Diamond Pet Foods.

Since we are often asked about our product selection, we opted to share this information with you to better understand our decision.

Anyway, here is a glimpse at our conversation (courtesy of Facebook).

**Side note: The team at Chihuahua Rescue/Indianapolis is awesome! They have been loyal customers of ours and we admire their focus on pet nutrition. If you are interested in adoption or fostering, please contact them!**
**Another side note: Grateful Pet carries many of the foods listed in the Whole Dog Journal’s list of acceptable foods for 2012 as mentioned in a recent blog post. **
The individual questioning our decision was spot on–Diamond Pet Foods is not a recommended product. We welcomed the comment as an opportunity to explain our decision to carry the food.  In fact, we welcome your questions, challenges, opinions about any of our products. Fire away! We’d love to hear what you think.

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