3 pups, 2 soaps and 1 giveaway!

Tonight we opted to give all 3 pups a bath tonight. For this undertaking, we decided to test out a product we’ve been considering. If you read our blog, you know that we LOVE Earth Drops Herbal Pet Soap, which is available at many Indy-area farmers market. I think I even spotted a cart upstairs at the Indianapolis City Market recently.

However, we acknowledge that some folks enjoy liquid shampoo (as opposed to bar soaps), so we’ve been trying a few different brands. I’m happy to report that we found one we’re fond of: Earthbath Totally Natural Pet Care shampoo.

We tested out the Mango Tango Shampoo on Meggers and Jax. Neither of them have skin issues to speak of so we opted to just make them smell like fruit. It worked….they smell delish!  By the way, do you see all of that dirt in the bottom of the tub?!?! Holy cow!!  **note to self– Jax needs more baths**

Wilson, on the other hand, is one itchy little dude, especially during the dry winter months. Therefore, we tried the Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo on him. I’m happy to report he’s had an itch free evening thus far. That basically equates to more nap time for Wilson so, all in all, he’s happy.

Earthbath also makes some Grooming Wipes that we’re planning to test out the next time Meg decides to have a scary dream (or whatever occurs that makes her suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and pee all over herself…I wish I were joking, but its happened more than a few times).  We’ll let you know what we think once we have the chance to try them out…but, believe me, we’re not in a rush on that account!

So, in honor of our new found love of Earthbath products and our curiosity about whether or not our customers will like it as well, we’re giving away samples of their products. Just leave a comment below to let us know you’re interested – we’ll get you set up!


4 thoughts on “3 pups, 2 soaps and 1 giveaway!

    • HAHA- probably not…I love that little fur-ball 🙂 But, have you tried the Furminator? It removes the under coat and reduces shedding. We don’t carry it, but we hear its pretty awesome!

      • The Furminator is AWESOME. But now I have a dog that doesn’t shed, so it is not so necessary. Love the pics of the dogs in the baths…too cute.

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