Fromm release two new grain-free formulas for dogs

Fromm Family foods recently introduced two new formulas of grain-free dog food to their already top-notch line-up, which now includes a Salmon Tunalini and a Game Bird Recipe.

The Salmon Tunalini recipe  is an all-life stages grain-free recipe with fresh wild salmon and tuna with a medley of mediterranean garden vegetables.


The Game Bird recipe is an all-life stages grain-free recipe with fresh duck, turkey, quail and pheasant with broccoli, cauliflower, apples and spinach.

Additional features include:

  • Added cartilage to support joint health.
  • Real Wisconsin cheese
  • Viable prebiotics & probiotics
  • Optimum omega fatty acids ratio
  • Corn, wheat, and by-product free
  • 100% USDA-Inspected Ingredients
  • Made in the USA in our own USDA-Inspected plant

Grateful Pet now carries both types of foods. We are also happy to obtain small samples of the food if you’re interested in testing it out.

About Fromm Family Foods:

Since 1904, The Fromm Family has maintained a tradition of quiet innovation dedicated to the health and nutrition of animals. In the 1930’s, The Fromm Family introduced the first canine distemper vaccine. In 1949, we introduced the concept of premium pet food to the public. As the country’s first and oldest premium pet food company, we have earned the reputation as an industry leader, producing only the highest grade pet foods with the finest natural ingredients.

Based in Wisconsin, Fromm Family Foods is now in its fourth generation of being family owned and operated. We take great pride in this family commitment, as it ensures that our customers will continue to receive superior pet food products now and for years to come.

For more than four generations, the Fromm family has brought together veterinarians, biochemists, research specialists and food production engineers to formulate our pet foods.

In 1948, the late Dr. Willard Roberts, Ph.D. and chief nutritionist created the first generation of Fromm Family Nutritionals pet foods. Dr. Roberts is recognized as the father of modern pet foods, having pioneered the process of producing the dry, granular food that’s so popular today.

Since then, we’ve continued to improve upon each Fromm Nutritionals recipe, while maintaining certain traditions. For example, our Classic Nutritionals line is still based on the “four-grain principle”, and uses 17 different ingredients.

This concentrated, balanced blend of foods results in easier digestion, fewer allergic reactions, and increased energy for your dog or cat.


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