Bladder infections: the quick and dirty

I was digging around for information about bladder infections after one of my dogs started exhibiting signs and I became curious about the cause. In the process, I came across this blog post from an Indianapolis vet, Dr. Magnuson, of Leo’s Pet Care on the north side of Indy.

It is both interesting and informative, but I caution you:: ensure you have fully digested dinner….and then wait another 30 minutes before reading.

In all seriousness, Dr. Magnuson at Leo’s Pet Care did a great job of breaking this down for me. It now fills the void of my curiousness while also forcing me to ask myself “did I really need to know that?”

So, if you’ve ever been curious about the cause of bladder infections or have an innate desire to understand the root cause of EVERYTHING you’ve every encountered, then jump on over to Dr. Magnuson’s blog and enjoy!


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