Paw Lightly on Mother Earth

Happy Earth Day!

Remember when we used to get little pine trees from school to plant at home for Earth Day? I always managed to kill mine….anyone else?  Turns out my ability to keep plants alive has not improved with age. *womp womp*

Thankfully, there are a million other ways to exhibit environmental stewardship, even for your pet.  So, in today’s blog, we’ll share some ideas, including ways for you to contribute in you community as an environmentally friendly pet owner.

1.) Check your food!

Honestly, did you think we would start anywhere else? C’mon.  But seriously, the food your purchase can make a big difference….here’s why!
Feeding your pet a naturally based food is not only great for your pet’s health, but also contains a minimal amount of synthetic preservatives and chemicals. Limiting intake of this junk, which ultimately turns into crap…I mean output, reduces the amount of chemicals and preservatives put back into the earth.

In addition, consider buying local.

Of course, we’ll gladly puff our chests out in inform you that we are a small local business worthy of yoursupport, but we’re also thinking beyond our own awesomeness here. We mean looking into some locally manufactured pet foods. We have some pretty awesome choices in Indiana, including Wellness, Holistic Select, Earthborn Holistic and Eagle Pack
If you prefer to make food for your dog, buy the fruits, veggies and meats from local farmers markets. We even have a great mixture of grains, herbs and nuts (known as Sojo’s) to add to food that is super convenient and a great economical choice.  In the end, not only do these activities boost your local economy, they also cut down on the consumption of fossil fuels required to transport the food long distances.

2.) Scoop your poop, dammit!

I hope that all of the Grateful Pet blog readers out there (all 3 of you) are responsible enough to carry a baggie with you on walks for poop scooping.  So, now that we got that out of the way, during your responsible moments of pet clean up, make sure you are using environmentally friendly bags.  Look for ones described as ASTM D6400, meaning they will decompose in just a few months.
You can also compost the waste if you’re particularly bold. Animal waste can contain nasty pathogens and basteria that may contaminate soil, so you can’t just toss it in to your general compost. You can purchase a special pet waste compost bin, or you can simply bury a trash bin in the back yard for composting…just make sure its far away from any food growing areas.  The lazier option (and the one we prefer) is to hire a pet waste removal company. In the Indianapolis area, we think Mr. Bisquits is quite fantastic. His prices are also very reasonable and he takes time to dispose of his waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

For you lovely cat owners, purchase a litter that is not clay based for clumping. Clay-strip mining is not only bad for the planet, but the litter it produces is usually full of harsh chemicals (which can lead to serious health issues if consumed). We suggest you opt for a plant based litter.

3.) Adopt

Overpopulation and euthanization is the #1 killer of dogs in the US. By visiting your local shelter or rescue group to adopt, volunteer and/or foster a dog, you do your part to reduce resources that go towards adoption efforts.  It is also the ultimate way to “reuse” and save a life.

4.) Upcycle

Don’t throw away old towels, socks, clothes, etc. There are several pet related options for these items. Our favorite choice is to use them to stuff Molly Mutt beds, which we love for their removable duvet covers that are easily washed.  And guess what? Grateful Pet is a licensed retailer of this product so shoot us an email if you’re interested in some details.
Upcycled Sock ToyThat orphan sock whose other half went missing in the dryer (seriously, how does that happen so often)? Slip a tennis ball inside, tie a knot and sling it across the yard. Or, you can cut the socks into strips and then gather the ends together and tie a rubber band around it at one end. Make a tight braid, add a rubber band to the end of the braid and viola– a tug toy!


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