The Loyalty of Dogs Contest

Around this time last year, I was on my way home from the Czech Republic after a rather long and unnecessarily painful visit to a plant site for my “big kid job.”  I was on the brink of exhaustion and missing my home. So, while flipping through the in-flight movie options, I opted for Hachiko: The World’s Most Loyal Dog thinking I would get a feel good puppy movie.   About 20 minutes into the damn thing I was balling my eyes out and continued to do so for the next hour.  The stewardess even stopped by my chair at one point to ask if I was okay. After glancing at the screen, she gave me a look that said “Oh, Hachiko– you’re not the only one to ball at this one honey.”  I won’t ruin the movie for you guys, but I do highly recommend watching it. It is a very moving story about the most pure form of loyalty and companionship around: that of a dog.

Just this week, Cesar Milan wrote a  blog post about the loyalty of dogs.  He mentions Hachiko, but also talks about recent stories such as the photo of the dog laying in front of its owner’s (a Navy Seal) casket and the excited dog that welcomes his owner home from Afghanistan.

Within Cesar’s post, one particular excerpt caught my eye:

Dogs didn’t become “man’s best friend” for no reason. They give us unconditional love every day. My question is, do we deserve it? I see too many stories of dogs being mistreated, dogs being made to fight, dogs being overbred for profit, dogs being killed because they don’t have homes. Dogs have been loyal to us. It’s time we return the favor.

We couldn’t agree more. So, in honor, we’ve opened up our first submission contest. Snap a picture & tell us cool story about how you “return the favor” of your pet’s loyalty. Not extensive– a brief thought will do!

Entries must be submitted by Thursday, May 31st.  We will pick our top 5 & fans of the Facebook Page and Twitter followers can vote on their favorites. The picture with the most fan votes wins!

In return for your awesomeness, Grateful Pet will give away your choice of either
1.) a free bag of dog food (up to 15lb)  *Food must be a product carried by Grateful Pet*
2.) medium sized Molly Mutt bed.

The remainder of the Top 5 entries will win a grab bag of Grateful Pet’s favorite treats. I promise there are too many for us to pick just one 🙂

We’re excited to see your entries. Good luck!


One thought on “The Loyalty of Dogs Contest

  1. Enjoyed reading about your contest even though I saw it too late to enter 🙂 You are exactly right about the miraculous nature of unconditional love: no, we don’t deserve it, but because it is a dog’s nature to be loving and not judgmental, they are lovingly faithful and forgiving in a way that we cannot fully understand.

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