Introducing our partnership with the Mass Ave Animal Clinic

As residents of Herron-Morton Place in downtown Indy, we were elated to learn that a new clinic was opening on Mass Ave.

After reading about the clinic in our local paper The Urban Times, we decided to contact Dr. Phillips about partnering together.  After a few emails and a quick chat over coffee at our favorite meeting spot, Henry’s on East, we’d laid out a plan for a partnership with the Mass Ave Animal Clinic….one that we are VERY excited about.

Together with Mass Ave Animal Clinic, we will continue to enhance the quality of companion animal care in the downtown area.  Our focus will continue to be on high-quality nutrition for your pets. But, with the help of  Dr. Phillips and Dr. Glore, we have the opportunity to introduce our clients to progressive, high-quality care for their pets. Most of all, you will find that we are both passionate about the animals we serve and are focused on customer service and supporting our communities.

One of the focal products in our partnership will be Royal Canin dog and cat food. Royal Canin will be the prescription diet of choice for the clinic, but it won’t stop there.  Grateful Pet will be the primary supplier of all other Royal Canin products to Mass Ave Animal Clinic customers. This includes breed, age and weight specific diets that are backed by peer-reviewed scientific research and a long history of success.

Why Royal Canin you ask?

At Royal Canin you won’t find fish-shaped pieces in our cat food or peanut butter stuffed in our kibble. That’s because first and foremost, we respect the animal. Gimmicks benefit the pet owner. Superb nutrition based solely on science benefits the pet.

Yep, that about covers it!  We’ll get back to how much we’ve been geeking out about Royal Canin shortly.  But for now, let’s shine the lights back towards Mass Ave AC.

So, since first meeting with Dr. Phillips, Mass Ave Animal Clinic broke ground on their new facility and quickly put together a swanky, modern little clinic in the heart of downtown Indy. Best of all, they’re getting very close to opening their doors! August 6th to be exact. In addition, an open house is scheduled for August 17th. It is the perfect opportunity to meet the veterinary staff and wander around the clinic. We definitely think you should stop by! The clinic is located at 625 N. East St., just north of the intersection with Mass Ave.

For those of you that require landmarks (like me), look for Henry’s on East Coffee Bistro, Mary’s & Friends hair salon and Aesop’s Tables.  If you wander around that area, you’re sure to find it!

We really hope to see you there!

About the team:
Dr. Phillips has a passion for the local music, arts and culinary scene in the downtown area. While frequenting these establishments, the idea to open Mass Ave Animal Clinic started to develop, and it was quickly made apparent that this area was in need of the type of business that he and Dr. Glore could provide. The two already run a highly successful clinic (Woodland Animal Hospital) on the north side where they care for the infamous Butler Blue II and Butler Blue III (Dr. Phillips is a Butler Univ grad). They hope to faithfully serve not only local residents, but people who work downtown as well.

You can read more about Dr. Phillips, Dr. Glore and the rest of the Mass Ave Animal Clinic team on their website.


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